Fly Fishing

Paul and Mary, owners of The Fishing Lodge, are both keen and experienced anglers and have many years of angling at international level under their belt.  Lough Corrib has been their favourite fly fishing destination for a number of years. If you decide to book a holiday through Lough Corrib Fly Fishing you can expect a truly personal service from them.

Paul on the engine
Your Guide

Paul Miller is a GAIA qualified fly fishing instructor.  Paul will be happy to contact you prior to your visit with information on fly hatches, suggested fly patterns, fishing tackle and other relevant information to maximise your chances of a successful trip. 

Client with Fish
The Fish

Fishing for truly wild trout can be challenging but the sport can be spectacular.  Whether your passion is for fishing the dry fly, wet fly, or nymph or whether you prefer to dap the natural fly you will be fishing for trout that have probably never felt a hook before and the thrill of catching a fine brace of Corrib trout is second to none.

Boat in the Harbour
A Typical Fishing Day

On fishing days you can enjoy a leisurely breakfast while your fishing tackle is being stowed in the boat in preparation for a day's fishing on what is arguably some of the best wild brown trout water in Europe. After breakfast a two minute stroll down through the garden will bring you to the private boat jetty and then it's off to your selected fishing ground.  The Fishing Lodge is situated at Clydagh on the east shore of Lough Corrib between Annaghkeen and Kilbeg, because of its central position on the lough many of the most prolific fishing areas of the lough are within easy striking distance.

Smokey Tea from the Kelly kettle
During the day, Paul will use his knowledge of the lake to give you the best chance for a successful day's fishing and will be able to advise on flies, leader set-up, methods and tactics based on the prevailing conditions and the area that you are fishing. 

Client with a fish
At the end of a hopefully successful day wet boots and clothing can be hung up in the drying area and rods can be stored made-up in The Fishing Lodge's secure storage area. Should you feel the need to tie up a few extra flies a fly-tying vice is available together with a comprehensive library of fishing books which can be read at leisure during evenings in front of the log fire.

Alternatively, if a drop of the 'black stuff' is your preference Mary and Paul will be happy to drop you at one of the local hostelries and pick you up later in the evening.

Returning a fish to the water
Fishing Regulations

You do not require a fishing permit or a fishing licence to fish the Corrib but there are some regulations which must be observed both for your own safety and to preserve the head of wild fish in the lough for future generations to come.  A full list of regulations can be viewed by clicking here but a few basic points are set out below:
  • Life jackets must be worn whilst afloat
  • All fish under 13 inches to be returned to the water alive
  • No more than 4 fish to be despatched by any one angler in any one day
  • Live baiting is not permitted

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