Fly Fishing Tuition

As well as having over 20 years fly fishing experience on Lough Corrib Paul is a qualified Game Angling Instructor, GAIA Level II.   Whether you are an absolute beginner or someone who wants to develop better fly casting skills Paul will be able to help you.

Casting lesson on the shore
Why Bother with Fly Fishing Tuition?

There are several reasons why you should consider qualified tuition:

  • If you're an absolute beginner to the sport, opting for qualified tuition from the outset will help you to avoid the 'bad habits' that can creep into your casting style and eventually limit you in terms of achievable distance and accuracy
  • You've 'hit a wall' with your casting and would like to learn how to introduce extra distance into your casting
  • You're looking for ways to improve fly presentation and accuracy - a must when you want to catch the more wily fish
  • You would like to understand the trout's diet and how to select and fish the flies that represent the natural insect 
  • You want to understand more about fishing Lough Corrib specifically
Tuition can significantly increase your chance of catching more fish, if you think that any of the above points apply to you then it's worth contacting Paul to discuss your requirements - it could make all the difference to your future fishing success!! 

How Much Does it Cost?

Not as much as you'd think!  An hour's professional tuition with Paul costs about the same as a spool of decent leader material, see below for details:

Hourly Rate                           - 25 euro

Half-Day Course*                  - 75 euro

*  This course is recommended for beginners.  It lasts for three hours and incorporates 'An Introduction to Fly Fishing' as well as casting tuition.  All fishing tackle can be provided.

Special Offer

To encourage younger people into the sport for every adult booking tuition a child (age 10-16 years) can attend FREE.

GAIA Credential

As part of his GAIA qualification Paul has been checked and cleared by the UK Criminal Records Bureau.  Paul has also been Garda vetted in Ireland.