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Let the show begin

posted 28 May 2013, 03:03 by Mary Miller   [ updated 28 May 2013, 07:56 ]
Well at long last they're here, what all anglers hope to see when they visit Lough Corrib Fly Fishing at this time of year. They are rather making a late appearance thanks to the weather but at last the May fly are up and the fish are on them. Let me go back a couple of weeks though first and report on the buzzer fishing. One of our regulars Jim had some cracking fish on the buzzer going out with Paul and fishing the areas on the lake that nearly always provide great sport in the right conditions which ideally need to be light winds. They found the most productive areas to be Bungalow bay (through the causeway at Greenfields) and down the lake which is a much favoured spot for buzzer feeders at Burnthouse, around the Galcarrick area and Annaghdown. One of Jim's best fish came at the very end of the day when they had come into Kilbeg pier to moor up for the day and noticed a good hatch of Campo buzzers hatching at the end of the pier. Jim put up a team of three buzzers and fished off the jetty. On his first cast he had a fish over three pound and on his very next cast an absolutely stunning fish of over 4lb! What a great end to a day - good angling!! We have had many anglers who have experienced the buzzer fishing for the first time this year and had great sport - Henry I know it made you smile watching grown men twiddling with the line very delicately and you made me smile saying it looked like they were knitting!!
There has also been a great hatch of olives so far this year although  more fish have been taking a light nymph imitation just under the surface rather than the adult dry but anglers who have been out in the last few days have reported that the fish are now up and seeing good "splashy" rises a good sign that they are taking the adult. 
So now the fish have a good menu to choose from with Buzzers, Olives and as I said at last the May fly. I can see eight boats out in the bay with plenty of gulls working the water always a good sign that the fly are up. The dappers at last can fish with naturals rather than imitations and the recent Mayfly cup match held out of Greenfields was won with 5 good fish on the dap. Team "Lough Corrib Fly Fishing" came second and I had the biggest fish of the day over 3lb. One of the most productive areas being out in Greenfields bay across to Inishanboe and up to Inchagoill. Wet Mayfly imitations seem to be pulling more fish at the moment and Golden Olive dabblers have been working particularly well fished on the top dropper in the last couple of days. Patient dry fly anglers have also been rewarded with green mayfly patterns and the old favourite Grey Wulff.
If the weather gains a few more degrees of warmth, a touch of drizzle and soft winds the show really will begin.
Mary Miller,
28 May 2013, 03:03