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Still Waiting - Patiently

posted 10 May 2013, 04:30 by Mary Miller   [ updated 28 May 2013, 02:02 ]
Here we are not far off the middle of May and still no sign of any May Fly. Hardly surprising with the still cool conditions that seem to be lingering at the moment. What we need is warm damp conditions and I think when we eventually get a few degrees warmer there will be an explosion of fly. There have been some good hatches of Olives this week and the fish have been taking the nymph just below the surface. Guests have been successful fishing small patterns and the most productive areas being Inchiquin bay and Greenfields. The buzzer hatches have slowed down but anglers have also been catching  bigger fish up to 5lb when the conditions have been right. Paul and Jim did very well in the Andrew Egan memorial match held out of Greenfields last weekend. Paul won the competition for the second year running fishing buzzer and Jim came third, fishing dog fly patterns. Jim also had a cracking day this week catching 10 fish in really difficult conditions on Olive nymphs. Today the chaps are off to Mogans and Birchall bay areas I wonder if they'll see any May fly? I think the name should be changed back to it's original - June fly!