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Wet fly days

posted 9 Jul 2012, 13:16 by Mary Miller   [ updated 12 Aug 2012, 02:54 ]
Paul and I have been out a couple of days this week and fished closed to home. In the bay we have had good wet fly conditions and caught a good selection of small, medium and large fish all on wet fly's. On each occasion there was a lack of any fly hatching and no fish moving but pulling a team of small wets got the attention of the fish and we had great sport. I fished a floating line and Paul a five foot ghost tip both lines worked equally well. The most popular fly was the golden olive bumble fished on the top dropper. I changed it's position for a while replacing it with a claret bumble on the top and moving it down a peg. I thought perhaps the fish would still take the top dropper but the claret was ignored and the golden boy was chosen every time. 
There are a lot of salmon in the lake at the moment and we have seen several jumping in our bay close in. Paul also saw one being played and unfortunately lost while he was taking part in the Federation Cup competition being fished out of Cong at the weekend. A good number of trout were caught and money raised went to help with the work of Corrib river preservation. He did quite well and won a days Salmon fishing so hopefully soon I "may" have something  
Next trip out will be an evening visit off the bank to fish sedge imitations just need the conditions to be a bit warmer and calmer.