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What was on the menu today.......

posted 17 Jun 2012, 13:46 by Mary Miller
A bit if a feast was on offer today out on the lake. Not huge hatches of any one thing but plenty of different things hatching.
The fish were spoilt for choice and on the Sunday lunch menu were..... buzzers (yes still hatching) Mayfly, Olives, sedges, damsel and dragonfly's , I actually saw a trout take a vivid blue damselfly! I didn't think trout liked them? 
We didn't see many fish moving and for all our efforts we only managed 1 fish that Paul caught off the point of Clydagh Bay on a dogfly.  A feisty little spottie that fought well above his weight, safely returned to finish his lunch. I would imagine that the fish aren't fixed on a particular food parcel at the moment with the main dishes of buzzer and Mayfly coming to an end for a while.
Sometimes (personally speaking) it's not always about catching loads of fish when you're out on the lake.  It's taking in what's going on around you, today we had terns dive bombing a heron making a hell of a racket as I guess he was invading their space. Mother duck swimming with her 5 ducklings in the safety of our boat harbour lovely apart from yesterday there were 9! We spotted a mink further down the shore so I guess he could be the culprit. 
Lough Corrib Fly Fishing will be Lough Corrib painting weather permitting so no fishing for us for a few days............. well at least for tomorrow.....